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Left to right:
Darien, Sarah, Traci, Nicole, Joel, Chase, Mark, Devon, Jay, Mike

Founded in 1976 by Pat Lynch, Western Heritage Company was little more than a hobby.  In the begining Pat was a Forest Ranger in Wyoming and was playing around with what to do with the busted yale locks they were finding around the Forest.  The idea of a keychain was the start.  These were gifts to his other friends in the Forest Service.  Those then turned into belt buckles, and more people wanted them.  Before anyone realized it, Western Heritage was becoming a real company and became the manufacturers for the official uniform buckle for the U.S. Forest Service, which we still produce hundreds of a year to this day.


In 2002 Pat retired from WHC leaving it to his son Mike.  Mike then moved the company from Encampment Wyoming to Loveland Colorado growing the business.  After acquiring a one-of-a-kind casting machine originally built for NASA our casting abilities really opened up for creating custom buckles.  


Today we have over 3000 buckle designs that we have created and produced.  While the vast majority of our customers are the Federal Government's Natural Resource Agencies, we have been trying to branch into new adventures with designs that are more appealing to the general public.  


Enter the Western Heritage Collection.  In this special collection you will find designs hand created by world renowned sculpting artists from around the region.  Designs that are retro in feel, and some that are new age and unique in nature.  As this collection grows, we hope to have an even more wide variety of fantastic designs for folks. 

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