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This was a great feature of our coin project on FOX 31 Denver

DENVER (KDVR) — Mike Lynch knows a little bit about serving on the front line. He is a West Point graduate, United States Army veteran and the president of Western Heritage in Loveland, a metal casting company.  

“Belt buckles are the primary thing we make, but that has led to doing all kinds of other things, a button set, casting shotgun shells, the mic that goes on top of the Grand Ole Opry induction goes here,” Lynch said.

These days, Lynch has a deep appreciation for front line workers. 

“In times like this, the people that never intended to be at risk are out there doing their daily job which is actually really essential to the rest of us,” Lynch said.

Lynch wanted to say thank you the best way he knows how. And it starts with a simple pewter coin with a simple message.

“’Colorado Strong’ and then on the back it’s just a simple ‘Thank you,” Lynch said.

The beauty is the simplicity. You simply give the coin to a front line worker, or anybody really, just to say, thank you.

“We have to have cashiers, we have to have people that run out to the curbside to give us food, we got to have people that make sure the gas pump is working,” Lynch said.

All the thank you coins are made by hand in Loveland from solid pewter. 

“These are people that are doing a common every day job but the rest of us benefit from their service,” Lynch said.

In times like these, Lynch says don’t underestimate the power and love of just two simple words: thank you.