Marcela Ganly

Those who feel a deep love for horses will identify with Marcela Ganly´s sculptures. Her bronze animals are alive, captured in their essence by the artist, who has grown up around horses, who has groomed them, trained them and joined up with them through years of mutual respect and affection. 


 Born in 1970 in San José, Costa Rica, she got involved in sculpture while studying in Connecticut, USA. Back in Buenos Aires, while practicing medicine, she perfected her technique in the lost wax method under the guidance of master Antonio Pujía. In 2006 she took a year's sabbatical leave to dedicate her time and passion towards creating new works of art. Realising she had found her true path, she never went back to medicine. Her work is found in coleccions in Argentina, Australia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, United States, Canada, England, France, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. 


 With dedication and absolute patience, Marcela Ganly creates each work of art starting with the original wax sculpture to the actual finishing of each bronze piece. Thus, once cast into bronze, these animals remain transfixed in their four elements: the air from their nostrils, the water from their body, the earth from their hooves, and the fire from their manes. Each sculpture captures what makes each horse unique and particular: its spirit, its movement, its temperament, and powerful vitality.